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Post-Liberia Q&A with Ruby

6.7.17 Hello! This could possibly be my final blog post  – a look back and summary of my time in West Africa. Here we go. What are the things you miss most about living in the orphanage in Zuannah Town? In all honesty, I liked nearly everything during our time living in that village. I […]

30 Jun 17 Ruby Jones

Post-Liberia Q&A with Charlie

6.12.17 Hello. Well, we are back to the United States of America now. I dropped from blogging for many, many months. Actually it wasn’t that many. Only about 6 months. Even though it has only been 6 months, a whole lot of things have happened between about January and today. Even so, I can only […]

30 Jun 17 Charlie Jones

Post-Liberia Q&A with Ivy

Hi. Ivy here! I’m going to tell you some of the things I miss most about Zuannah Town. I must continue to write until I have finished answering the questions Andrew Dee Jones wrote out for me. I miss that place (I wrote “that place” because  Zuannah town is too hard to write). I miss […]

29 Jun 17 Ivy Jones

Post-Liberia Q & A with Simon

What are the things you miss the most about living at the orphanage in Zuannah Town? The thing I miss the most about the village is the cooking. We had chicken and rice almost every night. I didn’t like it all that much at first, but as the time went on I got used to […]

29 Jun 17 Simon Jones

My daughters, Olympia and The Cuteness

3.13.17 Hi. This is Ivy. Today I will be blogging about my dogs, and a few other things. Let’s get started! I have two dogs. A girl and a boy. The girl is Olympia, and the boy is Cosmo. Well, we’re still thinking about the boy’s name. It’s either Cosmo, The Cuteness, or pup. I […]

26 Jun 17 Ivy Jones

Reflections on Liberia: The good and the… good.

June 5, 2017 After years and years of preparing and praying that the “right time” would present itself for us to move to Liberia, our nine months of living there have just come to an end. There were times throughout the experience when I felt it may never end! And if you had told me in month five that when […]

23 Jun 17 Kayla Jones

Christmas blessings from Liberia

12.27.16 Hmmm… a post-Christmas blog. What to say… What to say… Well, the week leading up to Christmas was a particularly hard week for me. One might assume that’s because I was was missing family, friends, and all of the general merriment that accompanies Christmas in the states. But, no. I really don’t think it […]

23 Jan 17 Kayla Jones

My Christmas in Liberia

1.22.17 This Christmas was quite a bit different than what we’re used to back in the States. About a week before Christmas all of the kids in the compound were split into two groups. One group was to go shopping on Tuesday and the other was to go on Wednesday. Each child was given a […]

23 Jan 17 Simon Jones

Bush biking

11.27.16 My dad has been wanting to go look at some land that he wants to work with the community to turn into the Homestead. This land just so happends to be right on the beach. So last Wednesday I and he took the dirt bikes and rode for about 20 minutes through some super […]

23 Jan 17 Simon Jones

Locks of dread

1.22.17 Hello! I apologize for my lack of commitment with the blogging, I’ll try to do better. My topic today is…dreadlocks! I have had quite the experience with dreads here in Liberia. A few of you know that I tried (and failed, terribly) to get dreads in late November/early December, I forgot when. I had […]

23 Jan 17 Ruby Jones

I’m brave

12.27.16 Hello! I have not written in awhile because of my dog attack (not MY dog, but A scared dog that attacked my body). You did see the pictures, didn’t you? Well, if you didn’t, you should. Because then you just have to see how brave and tough I am! I got about eight punctures […]

23 Jan 17 Ivy Jones

Half time ice cream break

Hi! This is Ivy! Remember me? I moved to Africa about four months ago. We’re at our halfway mark, I think. I don’t know what to write about… I wonder what we’re gonna do on Simon’s birthday this week! We are taking a break in Monrovia while my dad makes some “changes” or something like […]

23 Jan 17 Ivy Jones

Living in the dome house

01.22.17 Hello. Here I am. Our family has passed our half way mark, and finally moved inside the Dome House on Christmas day. We were all very eager and also exceptionally excited. Especially me, because now I only have to share a room with Simon (which I am already used to) and no more disgusting […]

23 Jan 17 Charlie Jones


10.29.16 When I wake up in the morning, I usually have to go to the bathroom really bad.:( I go to the bathroom and then I come back to the room that I share with all of my brothers and sister, and lay in bed for a while longer. Then I eventually get up and […]

11 Dec 16 Ivy Jones

Dogs and cats

10.6.16 I “have not yet learned to appreciate” (hate) sharing a room whith all of my two brothers and sister. I “very much looking forward to” (can’t wait) until we move into the dome house. That will be so fun! We don’t have doors to the rooms in the dome house. We just have curtans.The […]

11 Dec 16 Ivy Jones

General Conference (without cold cereal)

10.2.16 I am at church right now. I am watching general comfrence on a t.v. I kind of wish I were at home staying in my p.j.’s all day, eating my box of ceareal. But sitting in an uncumterble chair at church with a bunch of other people is not that bad.I did not like […]

11 Dec 16 Ivy Jones

Paradigm postulates: Liberia vs. America

11.20.16 Hi. Today I will explain a bit about my understanding of some common paradigms that exist in Liberia that are not as common in the US. These have for sure taken some getting used to, and I want to share them with you. I see these different paradigms as manners, in a way. General […]

11 Dec 16 Ruby Jones

Magical ankle-biting beach rocks

11-6-16 Hello friends and family! This week has been more difficult for me than past weeks, but I have reason to believe that this next one will be better. For quite a while I’ve been battling a violent cough, runny nose, mild fever, and fun stuff like that 🙁 I’m also recovering from an…adventure from […]

11 Dec 16 Ruby Jones

Gratitude journal entries this week

12-11-16 One of the orphan sponsors and a Jones family friend, an author who goes by MC McClintock (of the Helm family in Jerome), created a series of gratitude journals with an African theme. She gifted one to each of our family, which we presented to the kids the day we left Salt Lake City. […]

11 Dec 16 Kayla Jones

This week’s Top 10

11-20-16 This week’s TOP 10 LIST: 1. All of Charlie and Ivy’s teeth are falling out! They are just baby teeth, so no need to fret. Between the two of them, they’ve been keeping the tooth fairy pretty busy though. In the 2 1/2 months we’ve been here, Ivy has lost 2 chompers and Charlie […]

11 Dec 16 Kayla Jones


We got a puppy! The way we got the puppy was one day we went to the beach and we were walking home and the kids saw some puppies. They were newborns. We found out that they were for sale, and so we planned to buy one. We had already had a dog, but then […]

20 Nov 16 Ivy Jones

Homeschool and home-works

I started home schooling! I was just sick and tired of going to school and only having one or two teachers show up. It was a complete waste of time! Most days I slept through more than half of the school day because either there is no teacher to teach so it’s just an unsupervised […]

20 Nov 16 Simon Jones

A fine balance

I’ve been intrigued recently by the balance between homeostasis and extremes across many elements of life and paradigms in a new culture and environment. This post draws from my own experience and from observations of all family members, and is about  going (or trying not to go) from zero to manic way too superfast. There […]

13 Nov 16 Andy Jones

Banjor Branch Blues

In my blog post this week, I will attempt to paint a picture of what a typical Sunday here is like. We are in the Banjor Branch of the Bushrod Island District. It meets at 9am. We awake the same time every day of the week, and in the same way – between 5:30 and […]

11 Nov 16 Kayla Jones

Mr. Routine’s Transition

10-23-16 Approaching two months in Liberia and I’m starting to feel like this is real life. Which differs slightly from something like having an experience as part of my life, or away from “regular” life. My previous 19 trips to West Africa were an important part of my life, but life and home for me […]

30 Oct 16 Andy Jones

my typical day consists of…

10-23-16 This experience is starting to feel like a blur as one day fades into the next. I just realized today that we’ve been here nearly two months. I rarely know the day, let alone the date. The passage of time for me is marked by the diminishing of supplies and books read. I’m down […]

30 Oct 16 Kayla Jones

coexisting at the orphanage

10-2-16 Well, month two of the Liberia experience has officially begun, and let’s just say that I face it with much more ease than month number 1. Up until now it feels as if I have been struggling to keep afloat. I’m grateful that perserverance and prayer have changed that. With a little effort and […]

30 Oct 16 Kayla Jones

slip and stitch

So about 3 weeks ago the container arrived which had the 2 vehicles and big dirt bikes. Naturally, I was pretty excited and could not wait to ride the bikes. I had been practicing on the small motorcycle for the past 2 weeks before the dirt bikes arrived, so that I could be ready and […]

30 Oct 16 Simon Jones

brushing, blisters, and buddies

10-2-16 This past week was not very eventful. The only time I leave the compound is to go to school and Saturday we went to the beach but that’s really it. The beach is really fun! The waves were amazing! They were huge and they were breaking pretty close to the beach which was nice […]

30 Oct 16 Simon Jones

a (mon)day in the life of a ruby in a liberian village

10-29-16 Hello dear friends and family! Today I’d like to explain a little bit about everyday activities. Any given Monday, for example, here is what I generally experience: I wake up about 5:30am to the rooster and E-mom, crawl out of my mosquito net, throw on some clothes and head out to do my chores. […]

30 Oct 16 Ruby Jones

my happy place

10-2-16 Hello friends! I’m going to use some of the Liberian vocabulary words and common sayings I’ve learned and use often. The definition is in parentheses. This has been a crazy week! On Monday I wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t go to school. On Tuesday we came home early because no teachers showed up. On […]

30 Oct 16 Ruby Jones

teeth, towers, and mooncraters

Hello. The 80 foot tower is getting taller and taller. The reason that the constuction guys are building it is so we can get internet here. They are building it in the compound, and I don’t know why. Must be for some technical reason or something like that. Or maybe so I can climb it. […]

30 Oct 16 Charlie Jones

friends and foes

Hello! I’m sorry that I haven’t written on this for quite some time now. The last couple weeks have been nuts. I can’t believe thet we’ve been here for a month and a half! I mean, just yesterday I got attacked by our stupid dog, Heartwood. He went crazy because he was guarding his stash of […]

30 Oct 16 Charlie Jones

breaking down houses and home schooling

10-2-16 Hi. Yesterday we went to the beach. The waves were huge! They went out so far. There was this house next to the compound that was falling apart and dangerous, so some really strong guys broke it down. Today we are watching general conference on this huge thing at the stake center. Ivy and […]

30 Oct 16 Charlie Jones

Kayla: Teacher and Student

This week had some highs and lows. We’ve been here nearly a month now and the surroundings and way of life seem normal now. I was initally asked by an NGO that is working with the Zuannah Town Elementary School to provide reading support to the students at the school – which would mean having […]

28 Sep 16 Kayla Jones

The new normal

These past weeks have been full of new experiences. I started school as an 11th grader at a private school about 6 and a half miles away from the compound. Every morning Princess Dennis and I are picked up by Skill. He is our personal motorcycle-taxi driver that picks us up and drops us off […]

28 Sep 16 Simon Jones

Tales from the 9th grade in a Liberian village

Greetings! I’m sorry I have been so inconsistent with my writing, but I feel like there’s not much to talk about! I’m experiencing so much but it’s so hard to summarize. Tomorrow I will be starting my third week of school, which has been all new ups and downs. I wake up at about 6am, […]

28 Sep 16 Ruby Jones

I’m rich!

I got my allowance on Monday. All the kids here in the orphanage get a monthly allowance. It’s different for different ages. I got $160.00! Well, Liberian Dollers. Which is the same as $1.60. But you can buy a lot of stuff with that! I made a fort made out of palm leaves and sticks […]

27 Sep 16 Ivy Jones

beach, church, and school

Hello! I hope you are all having good times back in America without us. On Saturday, we went to the beach. There is a lagoon there that connects to the ocean that the little kids like to play in, while all the older kids play in the ocean. When I was in the ocean the […]

27 Sep 16 Charlie Jones

Mention-able memories of the kids…

As of 18 Sept 2016: I’ve thoroughly enjoyed teaching Simon how to operate a motorcycle. I had him ride behind me while I explained the procedure. Then we traded places and he took turns alternating between the extremes of clutch out / throttle open action, killing it before moving two inches or almost popping wheelies […]

27 Sep 16 Andy Jones

On food in Liberia…

Perhaps a food has never been so beloved as rice is in Liberia. The children at the Home would be content to eat rice three meals a day. Rufus, the Director, told me, “No matter what else we can eat – bread, fruit, spaghetti – we are not satisfied at the end of the day […]

27 Sep 16 Andy Jones

On inefficiencies (and corruption?) in the Liberian government

During the first two weeks I have interfaced with the Republic of Liberia a number of times by attempting specifically to: process Tax Clearance (certificate from the Liberia Revenue Authority showing the NGO is current on all taxes owed) and Duty Free (a one-off grant from the LRA that the NGO may pay a reduced […]

27 Sep 16 Andy Jones

On Equatorial Precipitation

I misunderstood. Somehow I had the impression that rainy season in Liberia started in around May and ended in around September. I was off by a month or two: Based on evidence of rain EVERY day since our arrival 18 days ago, and sometimes non-stop havey rain 3-4 days in a row, it would seem […]

27 Sep 16 Andy Jones

Twenty trips but feels like the first

18 Sept 2016 If my count is correct, this is my twentieth trip to West Africa. To Liberia, something like a fifteen times. Add weeks spent in Honduras and India. I have learned much as I have experienced hundreds of days and nights, and thousands of hours spent serving and working in a developing economy, […]

27 Sep 16 Andy Jones

Questions from a love one answered

I am taking advantage of limited opportunities to charge the laptop and get a good connection, by posting an excerpt from an email as a blog post. A concerned and worried loved one had a lot of questions for me. Here is my attempt to provide a few answers, which other friends and family may […]

18 Sep 16 Kayla Jones

11 days of fun and missing friends back home

I am having much fun here! My best friends are: Small Princess, Felicia, Big Princess, Decontee, and that’s it. My least favorite thing is taking a bath. You have to pump a bucket with teh water pump. Then you take it to the bathroom and you have a little cup that you take and scoop […]

18 Sep 16 Ivy Jones

Wow. I really love it here :-)

Hello everyone! This is my second blog post. I have been in Zuannah Town, Liberia for a week and 3 1/2 days. I’m loving life here so much! It sounds weird, but living here seems like the most natural thing in the world. It took a matter of one or two hours to adjust to […]

18 Sep 16 Ruby Jones

Day Eleven

I have not blogged here for a long time. Tomorrow I start school. I’m going to be in sixth grade. I have my uniform and everything, and I really like it. Tonight for dinner we are going to eat snails but usually we eat rice, beans, cassava leaves and bread. We went to the beach […]

18 Sep 16 Charlie Jones

Week One Done

We arrived here last Thursday, since we have been here I have met many new people, Moses, Leo, Diamond, and some of my closest friends so far. Moses and Diamond are 17 years old and Leo is 15. They have taught me how to “beat” a coconut or chop it open with a machete/cutlass. Our […]

10 Sep 16 Simon Jones

Settling In…

Sept. 1, 2016 For so long we have talked about taking our children to Africa. And now, here we are! Such an interesting year, looking back at everything that has led up to this. so now, i can’t believe we’re actually here. I keep having this moments where I think, “this is it. i’m IN […]

08 Sep 16 Kayla Jones

Pics on Flickr gallery and Facebook

If the two days of travel getting to Liberia are anything like the next two months, we will be alright. Tired but safe. Jostled about but grounded. Out things mostly intact and events mostly playing out as expected. The real value of the experience is found in lovely people and loving relationships, as always. Limited […]

03 Sep 16 Andy Jones

So… why are you guys going to….uh…where was it? Oh ya, Lybia.

Fair enough. We’ve got a comfortable home in a great community surrounded by good people here in Rose Park (Salt Lake City, Utah). We have a stable business. Loyal friends and family. Good schools and extracurricular opportunities.  Living the American Dream! Then to leave that good life, built over ten years, to live off-grid in […]

21 Aug 16 Andy Jones

Very first blog!

Hey there! This is my first blog post.. and I don’t really know what to say. This is for us to keep in touch and let you all know what’s up in Liberia. It’s gonna be really fun to take videos of  what life will be like. (which, to my understanding, will almost kill me) […]

15 Aug 16 Ruby Jones


I am kind of exited to go to Africa? I know that I’m going to be really  hot during the day and night. One thing that I’m really not exited about is the spiders! I don’t like spiders! I’m going to miss school because I don’t get to go back to it. I’m also going […]

15 Aug 16 Ivy Jones


I am really annoyed that everyone keeps asking me if I’m exited to go to Liberia, so hopefully this will will stop them from asking. I’m not exited because I’m going to miss some people, but I’m exited for a trip. So if your reading this than than tell everybody that you think I might […]

15 Aug 16 Charlie Jones

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