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breaking down houses and home schooling

30 Oct 16
Charlie Jones
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Hi. Yesterday we went to the beach. The waves were huge! They went out so far.

There was this house next to the compound that was falling apart and dangerous, so some really strong guys broke it down.

Today we are watching general conference on this huge thing at the stake center.

Ivy and I are not going to the public school anymore. We are going to just be homeschooled, Ivy and I. The teachers are just not that good at teaching. Plus I can’t really understand them much. Recess was just standing or sitting in the sun mostly.



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  1. Gramma Jones November 2, 2016 at 2:16 am Reply

    Hi Charlie,

    I love the ocean and the huge waves. What fun for you. Do you like to body surf them in??

    Conference was great. I bet it was pretty hot at the Stake Center. I am glad you had a chance to listen to it.

    Interesting about school. The Liberians are hard to understand. It takes awhile to understand everything they are saying, but eventually you will get it down pretty good.

    Thanks for sharing in your blog. I really enjoy reading about your experiences.

    I love you Charlie…Gramma Jones

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